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3 Tips to celebrate a gratifying Valentine’s Day with your AAC family

  • Team Avaz 
  • 4 min read

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day to you! Here are 3 tips that we followed this Valentine’s Day to make it the absolute best!

Tip 1: Acknowledge the love in your life
We at Avaz, feel loved and motivated when we hear from people who use Avaz with their loved ones. So, we picked two people as our Valentine this year. These two individuals, with their words of love and motivation, made our Valentine’s day very memorable!
Tip 2: Express gratitude for the love in your life!
This is a follow up to tip 1! Express your gratitude to the people who love you, for the love they share. So here we are, expressing our sincere gratitude to all of them, for trusting in us and continuing to use Avaz. Here’s their message to us and our messages to them!

“My wife had a severe stroke a few years ago and her Speech Therapist downloaded your APP together with other similar apps, to provide steps in her rehab to improve her speech and communication. After a period of 6-9 months she made sufficient progress and improved beyond the need for any of the APPS. Currently my wife is still having speech therapy; her communication skills are much improved. There was a time when it seemed that it may be necessary to rely and subscribe to each of the Apps. “Fortunately” this was not required.

I have to recommend you and your team in making such a product available; the positivity that this gave my wife is immeasurable and has helped in her rehabilitation. (It) helped tremendously in recognizing words and sentences and the structure. At times my wife used the App to either ask a question or respond if she was unable to remember how to say a word or sentence.” – S.M

Thank you! Your positive words are immeasurable to us. Thank you for trusting us to be a part of your wife’s recovery. Wishing you and your wife a happy Valentine’s Day and sending you both our love! – Team Avaz

“My daughter is a 11 yr old child with Down Syndrome, PDD and is nonverbal. We have always had to deal with the frustrations of her not being able to communicate her needs/wants. As frustrating as it was for us as parents, it was ten times more frustrating for her.  We were reluctant to purchase the app because she had an Augmentative communication device when she was younger and neither she nor I found it to be “user friendly”. I did a lot of research on both Avaz and a competitor and found tons of positive reviews on both. I did come across many people who said that Avaz was just as good as the costly competitor and since I had reservations I went with the least expensive. This ultimately has been a decision that is worth it’s “weight in gold”. My daughter has nearly mastered the navigation, so much so that one day she brought it to me to show me she wanted Taco Bell for lunch. This made me cry. My child had a voice for the first time. Thank you for being the one to give my daughter that “voice” – A.K

Thank you for trusting us to give your daughter that voice. Your trust means the world to us. Thank you for all the love and this absolutely heartfelt message. Thank you for making our Valentine’s Day so special! – Team Avaz

Tip 3: Share and spread the love with others you love

We felt absolutely overwhelmed and grounded receiving kind words from our users. That said, our experience wouldn’t be complete without sharing these endearing words, with those close to us, and you are one among them too! You should also know that you are absolutely awesome with who you are and what you do. Thank you for continuing to be a constant part of our lives and making our Valentine’s Day special.

That was our Valentine’s Day! What about yours? We want to know all about it too! Leave us a comment! We are waiting!


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