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Downloadable Low Tech Communication Boards

Communication boards are an excellent resource to facilitate communication for people with speech and language deficits. Children and adults who have complex communication needs can use these boards to express their wants and needs. Printable boards can be used to augment communication in case the user has partial speech or as an alternative mode of communication for those who are non-verbal or minimally verbal.

Low Tech AAC Boards

Here are a few downloadable low tech boards of Avaz AAC app. Please note that these boards have a grid size of 40. If you want other grid sizes, you can download them as PDF from Avaz AAC app.

Download a free trial version of Avaz AAC here for iOS | Android.

Avaz AAC(English)

Download all the free communication boards as a Zip file here

  1. Avaz AAC Core Board                                                 File size:659 KB
  2. Avaz AAC Core Vocabulary Board​(More Core Words)  File size:1060 KB
  3. Avaz AAC Feelings                                                     File size:1370 KB
  4. Avaz AAC Questions                                                  File size:1240 KB

Download a free trial version of Avaz Francais here.

Avaz Francais (French)

  1. Avaz en Français Mots de Base                               File size:1277 KB
  2. Avaz en Français Questions                                     File size:339 KB
  3. Avaz en Francais réponses et commentaires      File size:1180 KB
  4. Avaz en Francais Rapide                                           File size:3540 KB

Download a free trial version of Avaz India here

Avaz India

  1. Avaz India_Core Vocabulary Board                       File size: 417 KB
  2. Avaz India_Breakfast                                                File size:356 KB
  3. Avaz India_Lunch/Dinner                                        File size:1550 KB

Download a free trial version of Avaz Danish here

Avaz Danish

  1. Centrale Ord Avaz bog                                              File size:340 KB
  2. mine følelser Avaz bog                                             File size:237 KB
  3. frokost Avaz bog                                                       File size:303 KB
  4. morgenmad Avaz bog                                              File size:453 KB
  5. aftensmad Avaz bog                                                  File size:371 KB

People with communication challenges due to Autism, Apraxia, Aphasia, stroke,  can use AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) boards to communicate to their loved ones and during social interactions. Even AAC users who use robust high tech AAC systems can use low tech boards in physical environments where high tech AAC use may not be feasible.

Here’s a great example of  how to use printable low tech boards to encourage AAC use. Hang AAC board with food vocabulary near the refrigerator or dining table so that the communicator can request the food they’d like to have. Once the AAC user gets familiar with the vocabulary on the low tech board, they can use the same on their high tech AAC systems too.

Low tech board used by an AAC user

Hope you find these AAC boards useful. If you have any ideas for DIY Communication boards, please share them in the comment section below.

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3 thoughts on “Downloadable Low Tech Communication Boards”

    1. Yes, Shannon! Light tech boards are a great way to ensure learners have access to communication at all time. And with Avaz AAC app, you can customize a board quickly and print it with just a few taps

  1. This low tech communication board looks like a fantastic resource! I especially appreciate how customizable it is, and that it can be used to help students with communication challenges. The playground equipment is a great addition too, as it provides sensory-based activities that can help students engage in the learning process. Thanks for the great resource!

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