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Making Connections with Avaz AAC – Vince Celebrating Easter!

AAC is all about making connections 😍

The ability to communicate and express themselves allows AAC users to have meaningful interactions. This enables them to foster bonds with near and dear ones, and also boosts their self-esteem. 

We are delighted to share with you this lovely story of Vince participating in a Hungarian Easter tradition with Avaz AAC. This shows us how AAC enables communicators to have increased social interactions and more societal participation.

Vince is a bright young boy who uses Avaz app to communicate. He visits his school friend and reads her an Easter poem as is the tradition in Hungary. The poem has been programmed into his Avaz AAC app with corresponding pictures. Please note that the pictures are not programmed in sequential order and Vince recites every line by finding the right picture from the Avaz folder.

After reading the poem, Vince requests his friend to take out the perfume from the back of his wheelchair and asks for his reward – an Easter egg.

An approximate translation of Vince’s poem is as follows (written by Szegedy Székely János): 

The new spring is here

singing on the wings of the breeze,

Swallows and thrushes whistle it:

Spring is here!

Many little flowers have bloomed,

Nature is awake,

Till the thunderstorm comes,

I’m thinking of a bold idea.

I’ll water all the roses

Hyacinths and violets

I’ll forget all my troubles

My studies and the school duties.

So I’ve come to you

You are a beautiful flower too,

I’ll sprinkle you with dew

I’ll give you water not to wilt

With my little poem,

I won’t bore you

I ask you with a pure heart:

Is it allowed to sprinkle?

Hungarian tradition, called ‘Easter sprinkling’ is a local tradition in Hungary and some neighbouring countries where guys get together with their friends and go visit all the women in their lives. At each stop, they recite a short sprinkling poem and sprinkle perfume or scented water on the women’s heads to keep them young and pretty, and the women give back kisses or painted eggs.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog about Vince participating in an Easter tradition with Avaz AAC. If you have AAC stories you’d like to share, please send them to We’d love to know more about how communicators feel empowered with an AAC system.

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