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MDA Avaz Reader: Shared Reading Made Simpler

If you are looking for a simple tool for shared reading with your child, MDA Avaz Reader is the perfect fit. It is a reading app that comes with several exciting stories that cater to different reading levels. Avaz Reader app is great tool for shared reading because it comes with a host of reading supports for each word. For emergent communicators who need visual representation, the picture hints for each word can be of great help. Syllable hint, word family hint, and comprehension tool are some features of the Avaz Reader app that can help communicators gain literacy skills.

Download a free trial of Avaz Reader for iOS I Android here to read this story.

Watch how Reader app helps children with reading

You can also take a photo of any text, be it a textbook, magazine, or storybook and read it with Avaz Reader. This means that you child gets all the reading help they want for their academic excellence too 🎓. Hope you and your family has fun reading books with Avaz Reader. Keep reading because there are more exiting books coming your way !!

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