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Vocabulary that Grows with Your Child – Avaz App

 Avaz app- AAC

Different levels of Vocabulary in Avaz App

A good vocabulary helps a person to improve their writing, listening and reading skills. Avaz app offers robust vocabulary and easy techniques to improve the child’s vocabulary, which proves to be a very efficient way to learn new words.

However, the vocabulary offered in many AAC devices is limited and it becomes challenging to learn more vocabulary as the child progresses. Avaz is equipped with vocabulary that grows with your child. This enables children to learn from low-level to high-level vocabulary without the necessity to move away from one AAC system.

Also, Avaz offers 3 levels of vocabulary – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level. Avaz app understands your child based on your preferences and provides the appropriate vocabulary. For example, consider a child who is performing well in low-level vocabulary; Avaz app recognizes and enables the next level of vocabulary automatically.

This way, Avaz enables the child to grow. Avaz also gives your child one-touch access, which enables easy and quick communication.

To understand more about Avaz’s vocabulary, check out this video here.

Vocabulary from Avaz on Vimeo.